Cultivating Community
Across Cultures

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We exist to show the love of Jesus to refugees by fostering meaningful relationships and providing resources and support through the local Church and trusted community partnerships.

Juniper Refuge is a para-church ministry that seeks to provide refugee-status residents and Christians the opportunities to make genuine connections with one another. We provide platforms through which Americans and refugees can engage with one another in mutual interests, grow in understanding of one another, and create lasting friendships. We strive to bring along more Americans to become bridges for vulnerable refugees that they might thrive in America, knowing that we grow and are changed by understanding our refugee neighbors more deeply.

Our Values

We believe all of our Christian mandates are relational and work to shape us into people who live more rightly with one another and God.

We look to the EXAMPLE OF JESUS as we interact with refugees in our city by living holy, humble, and honest lives individually and corporately.

We see the LOCAL CHURCH as a necessary and active agent of compassion and love in a broken world, living the integrated “word” and “deed” components of God’s mandate.

We see PEOPLE whether staff, volunteers, donors or partners as important actors in bringing peace, love and justice. As we seek to better the world around us, we recognize that we, too, are changed, by those we serve.

We pursue PARTNERSHIP by seeking and facilitating collaboration and coordination among the local Church, other non-profits, and the business community, recognizing connectivity as essential to accomplishing any great task.

We value FLEXIBILITY by providing a safe space to create, adjust and mold ourselves that we may serve needs that are as diverse as the population.

We see PRAYER as the priority and foundation to accomplishing our mission.

Our Programs

Mentorship – Mentors may assist with various needs, provide teaching opportunities, share meals, and celebrate holidays together for 12 months.

Driving – We provide driving education and assistance to vulnerable refugee women through volunteers, who we train and place on a Mentorship Team for additional support. (We do not host driving classes.)

English – English friends meet in homes and work on practical English skills and specific goals.

Juniper Gatherings – These meals bring Americans and refugees together for an intercultural experience, authentic dishes, and meaningful conversation.

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Give monthly to join our Circle of support, and receive our Circle Stories to hear more about what our volunteers are doing. One-time donations allow us to respond to the needs that arise among our refugee participants.

Give to Lincoln Day

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• $30 supplies English partners

• $50 provides an hour of interpretation

• $75 covers training for new volunteers

• $100 provides resources to refugee families

• $200 covers one training with the Trauma Healing Institute


To send a check by mail, mail to:

Juniper Refuge, PO Box 21805, Lincoln, NE 68542

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