Web Development Intern

Reports to: Director of Juniper Refuge

Work Hours: 15-20 hours/week

Commitment: 5 months (Jan-May / Aug-Dec) with $500 stipend

Anticipated Required Schedule: team meetings every Tuesday, 1-2:30p; scheduled monthly check-in’s; two hr/wk programmatic commitment; remaining hours are flexible in office and remote.

Job Purpose & Goals:
We are looking for someone who is able to keep our website looking sharp, accurate, and up to date! We are a small and agile organization, so operations and events fluctuate! Because we are also growing, there are many features that we hope our website will offer. This intern would create and manage the web design and functions needed to provide ongoing support for the potential volunteers and donors of Juniper Refuge, so that our goal of cultivating community across the diverse cultures of refugees in Lincoln is achieved. Since we are a grassroots, team-centric, non-profit organization, it is vital that we have team members with initiative, creativity, and the desire to collaborate on work projects. We also desire someone with flexibility, since often times our programs and activities need to be adjusted and molded to specific needs that arise.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensures website visitors know what we’re doing with up to date programs and operations, including updating photos and programs as needed
  • Allows website visitors to sign up for interest meetings, for our newsletter, and apply to volunteer 
  • Enables syncing between our website and our database in Google so that information and applications are automatically uploaded. 
  • Building a secure portal for volunteer access only
  • Ensures website visitors know who is on our team 
  • Serve a refugee or in a ministry program.


  • Ability to work/train in programs including WordPress, Google, Slack, Trello, Excel.
  • Aptitude for seeing the need for functions and the initiative to implement them.
  • Ability to brainstorm, collaborate, and problem solve to overcome challenges that might arise
  • Desire to grow and thrive in a supportive, team-based environment
  • Willingness establish and maintain effective working relationships with JR members, volunteers, donors, and the refugee community.


  • Christ Centered: One who builds your life and ministry around Jesus, with an open heart allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and inspire. 
  • Team Oriented: loves being part of a team, able to work across teams and to partner with other ministries, using the skills and gifts of others to create a better final product.
  • Trustworthy: honest and considers confidentiality a priority 
  • Support Juniper Refuge’s mission statement, vision, core values, and policies.
  • Commit to 3-12 months

At Juniper Refuge, we fully expect each team member to be actively engaged in following Jesus. We believe that if this commitment to Jesus is present, it will be evident in a team member’s personal life, relationships, and ministry. In working at Juniper Refuge, every team member must be aware of and embrace the responsibility to represent the organization’s beliefs and mission in their own life, both personally and professionally.